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Send powerful Push Notifications from your current website, reaching all your visitors directly on their mobile device.

No native app needed, just a 5 minute installation.

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benefits of push notifications

See how a 60% open rate on average will transform your business.


96% of your visitors don't leave an e-mail adres. Reach out to them with PushPro.


On average a 17% increase in revenue is witnessed with Push Notifications.


Drive up to 7x higher Customer Retention with Push Notifications.


Go for gold and see 9.6x more conversions when using Push Notifications.

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Why pushpro

Send Push Notifications on mobile to all your visitors. No native app needed.

super high

Exponentially increase engagement with your audience, by sending them direct Push Notifications on their mobile device.

With just one-click you can reach out to the audience that was until now invisible to you. Turning blind spots into sweet spots.


Don’t hold back! With PushPro you can always send an unlimited amount of messages, anytime, on every plan, no strings attached.

Did you know that by adding emoticons to your messages you can increase opening rates up to 80% 😄? Try it now for free!

For all

Until now, the power of Push Notifications on mobile devices were only available for native apps with high development costs - but not anymore!

PushPro can be added to any website, whether it is a site build in Magento, Wordpress, Shopify or any other system, PushPro works everywhere!


Setting up PushPro is easy and fast. Create a free account, download the code snippet, add it to your website, and you’re ready to go!

After the installation there are no updates or developers needed anymore, we will take care of that for you.

easy and fast to use

Sending Push Notifications

Creating and sending meaningful Push Notifications to the mobile devices of your subscribers is done within a matter of minutes! With our intuitive "What You See Is What You Get" editor, you can create and send a message easy and fast.


Features you'll love.

Unlimited messages

Send unlimited Push Notifications on every plan, to all your subscribers

All Browsers supported

Never miss a beat, PushPro works on all available browsers and systems

Custom opt-in messages

Generate more subscribers by using Custom Opt-In messages, per domain

Emoji's 😄

Use of emoticons increase opening rates of notifications up to 80%!

multiple domains

Stay organised and manage multiple domains from one PushPro account


See real-time how your notifications perform by keeping track of the CTR

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