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Maximize Your Profit On Cyber Monday

Wondering How To Maximize Your Profit On Cyber Monday?

In an earlier blog, we explained how to increase sales on Black Friday with 10 strategies. The sale keeps going on because Cyber Monday is just around the corner. So what is Cyber Monday in short? It was intended to help smaller retailers compete with the big names that jumped on over Black Friday. Although, of course, those big names also jumped fast on the Cyber Monday hype too.

The big holiday sales season is coming. How do you make the difference and make sure competitors don't pack your customers first? Some shopkeepers think it's enough to run a few e-mail campaigns with a coupon code. But will that help you to win Nike or a much bigger and more established brand? No, you need to be something more creative than just e-mail marketing or standard approaches.

Don't worry about brainstorming or a lot of effort, we got your covered with a full service Push Notification service here. There is no better way to learn than seeing it in action with great example Push Notifications pushing Cyber Monday to the limit!

Offer sales on relevant products categories and brands

A good rule of thumb is that Black Friday is a better time to sell your first assortiment of product deals, the “big-ticket items”. Cyber Monday is a better day to make a deal on top of other deals and sell smaller gifts. Most businesses offer slightly better discounts on Cyber Monday.

Black Friday push notifications

Send a reminder to your customer that the Cyber Monday sale is almost over with last chance notifications

Once your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are nearing their end, you should give your subscribers one last chance to shop ‘til they drop. Consider it your gift to them—they will thank you for it. Marketers typically call this a Push Notification reminder. It is the last Push Notification you should send and an integral part of a promotional Push Notification campaign.

Cyber Monday push notification

Use Cyber Monday as a mass subscriber gainer on your Opt-In Message

You can choose to change your opt-in during cyber monday, so that people can sign up for these kinds of actions. They will be triggered more quickly to opt-in because it is very accessible, they are completely obsessed with bargains and only want more and more. So that's an advantage for you. Note that every sign up can lead to a conversion.

Subscribe to big deals browser opt-in

See how your Push Notifications subscribers go sky high!

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