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Once you have an account, you can choose a plan. Based on your business needs - which features and how many subscribers and domains - you can choose a free plan or one of our four paid plans. We have two billing options, monthly and yearly payments. Yearly plans are 25% cheaper than monthly plans, the features are however the same. Select one of our plans and click “start now”. 

You will now need to fill out some details about you and your company. We collect this data so that we can get to know you and contact you when necessary. On this page, you can also opt to use a different email address to receive billing receipts on, for example a specific finance email address your company uses. Moreover, you can opt-in for our newsletters and product updates. If you have selected our free plan, hit “confirm and proceed” once you filled out all the fields. If you selected a paid plan, hit “proceed” and enter your payment details. For now we only accept credit cards. Our payment service provider will check the validity of your card. If its valid, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard. Should you receive an error, please check your card details and make sure they are correct.

Verify your setup

You can verify if you set everything up correctly by navigating to If you see a push notification opt-in request, everything is working! That’s all, your website is now ready to send push notifications!

If you do not see an opt-in request, you can check whether the code snippet and javascript file were correctly added. Navigate to Here you should find the following text:


Next up, you can verify whether you correctly added the code snippet. On, right-click anywhere on the website and select “Page Source”. Here, you should find the following text:

window.__pushpro = {
site_uuid: "your-unique-identifier",

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