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PushPro: Small Messages, Big Impact

Send powerful Push Notifications straight from your website and reach all your visitors directly on their mobile device!

With PushPro, you can send your customers and prospects short, but highly engaging, messages. For example, you may want to inform them of a flash sale, remind them of an abandoned cart, announce new products, or inform them about their order. By using the PushPro for Magento extension, your technical configuration will be setup in just a matter minutes. Join the ranks of thousands of other web shops who use push notifications to engage with their customers.

Reach the 96% of your website visitors who you don’t know, increase your revenue by up to 15% and drive up to 7x higher customer retention.

The PushPro extension for Magento will enable you to configure PushPro on your Magento site straight from your admin panel. Copy and paste our code snippet into your PushPro extension for Magento and your website is ready to send push notifications! When your audience visits your website, they will now see an opt-in request for push notifications. If they accept, you are ready to engage with them. There is no need for costly changes to your website, the only thing PushPro adds is an opt-in request for your visitors.

PushPro for Magento: Installation Guide

To use the PushPro extension for Magento, your store needs to be HTTPS-enabled. HTTPS makes your website more secure by encrypting the traffic between your server and your visitors. If your website is already HTTPS-enabled, great! If not, keep reading. 

You must first acquire an SSL certificate. You can either ask your hosting provider to activate it for you, or obtain an SSL certificate yourself. You can get one for free via Let’s Encrypt. Check out their guide to get started.

Once you acquired and activated your SSL certificate, you must enable HTTPS for your Magento store. Walk through the following steps:  

  1. Navigate to your Magento Admin dashboard
  2. On the menu, click on stores
  3. In the square ‘General’, click on ‘Web’ and then click on ‘Base URLs’
  4. Make sure that your Base URL starts with “https://”
  5. Click on ‘Base URLs (Secure)’
  6. Make sure that your Secure Base URL starts with “https://”
  7. Change the settings to 'Use Secure URLs on Storefront' and 'Use Secure URLs in Admin' to 'Yes'.
  8. Click on ‘Save Config’
  9. Go to ‘Cache Management’ and empty all caches.
  10. Done, navigate to your website to check if it starts with https!

Once you have enabled HTTPS, include the code snippet we generated for you in the PushPro portal in the extension panel in Magento. You can verify if you set everything up correctly by navigating to https://yourdomain.com/sw.js. If you do not get a 404 error, everything should be working! That’s all, your website is now ready to send push notifications!

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