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Push Notifications for WordPress

Using PushPro for your WordPress website is an easy way to highly increase user engagement on your website. Use PushPro to send visitors target specific push notifications so they keep coming back to your website. It only takes just a few minutes to install as we have a ready-made plugin available for you.

After you've setup and configured PushPro as you like, all visitors can opt-in to receive push notifications from your website, for example: when you publish a new blog/announcement or want to promote sales. Visitors can receive these notifications even after they’ve left your website, which increases engagement and conversions. You can schedule your push notifications and prepare them as you like, create user segments, and customize the opt-in message for your visitors.

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PushPro - WordPress Installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles everything itself. To do an automatic install of PushPro, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

Install PushPro in WordPress

1). Go to your WordPress dashboard and browse to "plugins" in the search field type “PushPro” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found it, you can view details about the latest release, such as community reviews, ratings, and the description. Install PushPro by simply pressing “Install Now”. Once that’s done, make sure to “Activate” the plugin.

2). If you want to upload the PushPro plugin manually you can download the .zip file for PushPro here. Don't forget to active the plugin so you can continue to the next step.

PushPro is now added to your WordPress dashboard.

Connect PushPro with Wordpress

After you have downloaded and installed the PushPro app on your Wordpress website, you are ready to connect it with your PushPro account.

Log in to your PushPro dashboard. Once you're logged in for the first time you see “Your domains” where we added a dummy domain for you. If you want you can edit the dummy domain or create a new domain by clicking "Create new domain" .

Configuring Your Domain

Enable tracking

Once you have set up your domain:

  • Go to the first step "1. Configuration".
  • Make sure tracking is enabled.
  • Select an icon of your favor if you're on a paid plan. Otherwise you can skip this step.

Tracking is by default enabled so you can gather information about the way your subscribers use your site, this can be very helpful once you start using segmentation.

Enable the WordPress extension

Once you verified that tracking is enabled:

  • Go to the next step "2. Installation".
  • Activate the toggle button “Use extensions on this domain”, which will show your API key.
  • Make sure you copy the api key to your clipboard.

Now go back to your WordPress dashboard and select the PushPro plugin.

Connect the API Key

Once you've copied the API Key from your PushPro account:

  • Go back to your WordPress dashboard and select the Pushpro plugin.
  • Paste the API Key and hit "Save".

That's it, PushPro is now activated on your website and connect to your PushPro account. Your push notifications will now be visible through your PushPro dashboard!

Verify your PushPro installation

Now that you have followed all the steps above, it's time to double check your installation:

  • Go back to your PushPro Portal.
  • Go to the last step "3. Installation check".
  • Press the check button to verify your WordPress account is connected to PushPro.

Got questions or need some extra help?

Check out our Documentation & FAQ or contact our support team.

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